3 Mistake You Should Avoid in Your Bedroom Part 1

The bedroom is supposed to be your peaceful spot where you can liven up the stress and recharging your energy. Since this is a place where you will sleep, love, and dreaming then, it’s important to make it stay safe. Well, it might be hard to make it as you desire, but when you try it might worth the pain. These several tips will help you in creating a good bedroom where you can support your state of mind. Check them up

1.    Using Bright, Bold Pattern for Bedding

When you click “add to cart,” you might think to get a bed that shows your personality. But then again if you thinking clearly it won’t help you to create seven bedrooms where you can relax and enjoying your time. Professional even suggested to go with white or neutral bedding instead, just forget the idea of using loud print. By using natural base you can add visual interest in your bedroom. for example, you can use colorful pillow to infuse some color splash on your bedding. That would be much easier since pillow or throw not too expensive to swap but it can give more impact and show more of your characteristic.

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2.    Spending too Much Money on an Expensive Bed Frame

Instead of wasting money on a bulky sleigh bed, why don’t you grab a simple upholstered headboard? It will cost you less money and you can wrap it up to enhance it. All you need just your creativity, you can  layer a textile over it to make it fancier. Or you can just skip the headboard and use a folding screen. The day abstract painting also can help you creating a bedroom you deserve.

3.    Leaving the Walls Bare

The bedroom needs to be personal in order creating a bedroom that reflecting who you are. Do you know the best thing that helps to describe you? Well, it can be everything such as art or maybe something you pick up at a flea market or just made by your hand. Turn your wall into a gallery so you can be true to yourself and reflect who you are.

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