3 Mistake You Should Avoid in Your Bedroom Part 2

We need to make a comfortable bedroom since this is the last place where you can rest up your exhausted body. Just imagine what do you need after a daylong exhausted day while a lot of stress that piled up? Of course, nothing can beat diving into your bedroom and relax both of your body and minds right? You deserve to have a serene retreat after a hard day work, then bedroom is the right place where you can go.

Check these following tips to help you creating the best peaceful spot in your bedroom. You can also then the previous article to complete your information.

1.  Keeping Phone Right Attached to Hand

You should keep the electronics out of your bedroom especially your phone if possible. It’s important in order creating a serene oasis where you can relaxing and avoid any disturbance around. The light from this electronic mimic daylight, which messes up with your body. This light also prevents you from falling asleep easily. Another thing you should know is that is possible that the bacteria from the phone to get all over your face.

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2. Making a Mess and not Tidying It up

Well, who will find comfortable in a place full of clutter? When there is clutter in your room, your mind will likely to feel uncomfortable. Consider your room storage for your things. Everything inside your bedroom should have place where it belongs. This way you can have peace in your mind. Just by doing this simple thing it can affect you more that you aware. Imagine you can avoid from panicking because your bedroom is in a mess when you have guests.

3.  Limited Lighting Situation

Have only ceiling light that came with the house as your lighting source in your bedroom? then you doing it wrong. Lighting is important because it can create the room moods. Your source of lighting should be sexy and quiet. You can install a dimmer for your overhead lighting. It’s easy and you won’t need any electrician to do the job. Choose bulbs around  25 to 40 watts and make sure you have multiple sources of lighting.

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