6 Bedroom Decorating Tips to Improve Your Room

1. DIY the curtains

For those who are not really a big fan of blinds or typical drapery, then we suggest using more natural effortless approach. How about a few rolls of plain white cotton muslin? It’s enough to feel light and airy and still keep block out light and give you the warmth.

2. Go dark

Do you know that you can leave a great bold statement inside your bedroom? This bedroom decorating tips will show you the way. All you need just playing up with a dark hue on your walls. It can saturate the bedroom in no time. The hue can help you in order to add depth and dimension or even creating a warm feel. To complement the color, all you need just use a neutral color palette.

3. Leave art unhung

Do you love a leaning artwork in a bedroom space? Yes, we love how it can turn the whole room to be a relaxed place. Just keep in your mind that art does not need to be hung above a bed.

4. Forget matching

There are noting that fix in decorating a room. For the next bedroom decorating tips, we would suggest you to forget to match everything in your room. Just try to escape the trap of trying to match everything. You could start by choosing a few statement pieces and pick neutral pieces to work around them.

5. Mix soft furnishings

Adding furnishings such as cushions, rugs and blankets is the best way to enhance your bedroom. This bedroom decorating tips is a great way to help you infuse the latest trends. Just by coordinating these stuff you can get the bedroom look together, be it by color, texture or pattern.

6. Create a raised bed

Looking something to help you creating a WOW factor inside your own bedroom? Then how about a built-in features? Do you know that having built-in features, like a raised bed is the best way to add ‘wow’ factor? Well built-in features are not commonly used design features, but it can give you value and interest into your bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with Soft Furnishing Set 6 Bedroom Decorating Tips to Improve Your Room Modern Dark Bedroom Decoration Ideas 6 Bedroom Decorating Tips to Improve Your Room  6 Bedroom Decorating Tips to Improve Your Room