7 Tips of Creating Accent Wall in Your Bedroom

Want to give some touch to your bedroom? you can do a small change but creating a big impact on the overall design by creating an accent wall in your bedroom. this friendly advice will show you some creative suggestion to decorating an accent wall for your bedroom space. You can use them as your design material, check them out.

1. Grass Cloth

Want to add some wonderful depth, texture, and interest to a wall? Then you can do it by simple use natural fibers up to your wall.

2. Special wallpaper

Often in most of the case, using wallpaper in one wall is enough when it come to it. Then you should choose something that special, for example, you can create peeling look by using the plaid-covered wall on your bedroom.

3. Ceiling tiles

This concept is mixing some tin ceiling tile styles used on one wall. Carefully arrange the custom painted tile to create a striking look on above of your headboard.

4. Decals

Want another option that less permanent for your decoration project? Then using decal is you answer. Carefully covering your wall to create astonishing space look when applied wall decal.

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5. Paneling

When you want to add some texture in sheet, paneling is the one way to do it. You can install it straightforwardly which is far easier than milling, cutting, de-nailing and composting used boards.

6. Chalkboard paint

This one is another fun way to make up your bedroom, this playful change can be switch up quickly. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes into chalkboard paint since now they come in range of color which you can choose freely. Make sure that you use some dusk free chalk when to paint up your wall, as you know that chalk dust and some fabric won’t be in good tern when to touch each other.

7. Reclaimed wood

You can use some old of reclaimed wood on you all, many homeowners does this. Your wall covered in drywall when combined with dry wood can balance theĀ  rustic and contemporary look. Then to finish it up you can add clean-lined in the bedroom.

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