7 Tips of Teenage Bedroom Decoration

Need to change the old child room since the kids is growing up? Then these tips below can give you enough advice to turn up your old bedroom into one that perfectly fit for teenagers. Check them out.

1. Add Unique Element

As you already know that teenager needs to expressing themselves and you can help them to express their individuality by picking out one unique element for the room. This way you can help to create unique bedroom that different from her friends. For example, acrylic hanging egg chair can be used as a conversation piece and relaxation space.

2. Incorporate a Work Space

Create a work space in his bedroom can help your teen to successful in school. It keeps your teen focus on the assignment and also facilitates organization as well. This would be a win-win solution.

3. Place the Lighting Strategically

Consider the space, where your teen will need extra light. It might a task lamp at a desk or a lamp near the bed. If you’re teen loves to read before sleep, then adding a lamp near the bed might be a good idea.

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4. Use Luxury Textiles

Using some luxurious textiles in your teenager’s bedroom can deep your relation since it will make her feel special. Choose some comfortable rugs, some   velvet throws pillows or soft chenille blanket for your options.

5.  Decorate According to Interests

As we discussed that teen tends to carve for expressing them, you need to consider what your teen interested into. For example, if your teen interested in automotive, you can wrap up the bed with some vinyl-upholstered chairs and garage painted wall color.

7. Get Creative to Create the Right Vibe

To sum it all, you just need to be creative. The fact is every personality can be expressed through any means, any design. All you need is just find the design that represents of your teenager.  For example, you can use brick wallpaper and band decals for the hard-shelled skateboarder. Using industrial lighting can help you to create urban elements that met the rooms feels cool and relaxing. Of course your teenage would feel welcome inside this kind of bedroom.

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