Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 1

As we already know people will spend a lot of time in bedroom, be it resting or just having some activities. You can do a lot of activities inside your bedroom from doing a work, reading a book or having chat with your partner during the nighttime. It’s your personal escape, you can do everything inside it. You can be true to yourself inside this room, just explore more about it. People tend to show their self through their bedroom. That why bedroom is important. It can describe you, your interest and you’re your lifestyle. You can spice up your current bedroom with fresh color combination. Then after you decide the color all you need is just add some accessories, wall art decoration and everything that  you think suitable for your bedroom. Just turn up your bedroom to the best retreat space.

Now check this following color combo to help you adding color punch in your bedroom:

1. Jet Black and Gold

Using gold color can provide you a glamorous atmosphere in your bedroom. It’s also best color when combined with black. People even use this kind of color combination as the main hue in design concept. When applied on bedroom this color combination will make the room looks more professional and add crisp.

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2. Emerald, Topaz, and Sapphire

This color combination might create outstanding look in your room. But if you can play it well, using jewel tone in your bedroom can create a fresh look and more youthful. You can make a bold yen beautiful bedroom with these color combination. It’s worth to try.

3. Citrus Chic

Well, it might not common to using yellow and orange color tone in one bedroom, some people even find it weird. But actually, it won’t be a crazy idea since you can bring balance in your bedroom. This color can balance out your bedrooms brightness by adding deep black neutral. Just have fun with your prints.

4. Soft Gray and Pink

Want to create a calming bedroom, you can use this calming combination.  You can use gray colors coolness to balance out the warmth and femininity from pastel pink. This kind of bedroom will be very temping during lazy Sunday.

 Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 1 Glamorous Bedroom in Black and Gold Color Ideas Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 1 Nice Soft Gray and Pink Bedroom Color for Calming Look Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 1