Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 3

The best room where you can express yourself is your bedroom, do you agree with me? Well, indeed we know that bedroom is our personal room, it a room where you can explore yourself, give your interest inside it. Bedroom can be a place where it suitable for you to exploring yourself to the fullest. That why by looking at one bedroom you can easily tell what kind of personality you have, what you interested in and your lifestyle.

Why don’t make your bedroom into the best place where you can enjoy yourself. How about adding splash of color to your room and make it far more fun than ever? These following tips will help you to inform you what kind of color combination can be used in your bedroom to make it pop.

1. Moody Blues, Not-Moody Pinks

If you want to unwind your current bedroom, then using this color combination will create a nice balance. It’s a great combination for your bedroom. Just apply moody blue to a not-moody pink yourself and find what so cool about this color combination.

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2. Hot Pink, Royal Blue, and Gold

Want to level up your bedroom into next stage of sophistication? By using royal blue and gold richness, it can bring hot pink to whole different level. Don’t even dare to group it with unicorns and cotton candy, the color combination is just ready for big leagues.

3. Black, White, and Combination

Well we already know this classical combination. By fusing black and white it can create crisp yet blank slate in your bedroom. Now you can add a pop off whatever color that come into your mind. Well, the best suggestion is using bright color such as magenta pillow, but the choice is up to yourself to decide.

4. Glitz, Bright, and White

Gold is always on the top list when it comes into creating glamorous look. By using this color combination you can go full glitz with crisp white linens. That would looks perfect right? Especially if you add accents in unexpected, saturated pink and orange to make the room look richer.

Beautiful Pink and Blue Bedroom Decoration Ideas Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 3 Modern Bedroom Interior with Bright and White Color Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 3 Moody Blue Bedroom Color with White Color Combination Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 3