Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 4

Are you looking for inspiration to make up your own bedroom? Then how about suing color to enhance your lovely bedroom? you might already know that by inserting color in one room it can really give so much impact and changes your current bedroom into far more different than before. Then why don’t you use this opportunity to add some splash of color in your bedroom?

The color itself can give effect to your life. It can help you to create an ambiance that you want and provide the best atmosphere set up for the room. Now just read up these following color combos before you think to paint up your bedroom wall. It will work to read.

1. Tangerine and Cerulean

When applied together in one room, bright blue hue will become quite unexpected. The reason is because it earns a citrusy punch of orange that what make unexpected look within cool color palette.

2. Coral and Gold

This one is quite a common color combination; you might even already use it yourself. Then why don’t you add splash of color using the furniture and fabrics in your bedroom? It will create feminine look that won’t looks to twine.

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3. Primary Pastels

A room full of primary colors might end up looking like from the ‘80s. if you currently looking for this vibe its good for you. If not then all you need is just tone it down with the same concept. You can add pastel tone since it gives out calming vibe while also surrounding grayish pallet will make your bedroom look current.

4. Emerald and Berry

You can create bold statement with this pallet to tone up your bedroom. By using this kind of jewel tone combination, it can make any space especially your bedroom into far luxurious than ever. What goods about it are these combinations won’t make your bedroom too heavy.

5. Goldenrod and Pink

Adding this happy color combination will add rich buttery yellow and cheery pink to your bedroom. You need to dare to use this kind of color combination in your own bedroom.

Pastel Bedroom Color Combination Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 4 Nice and Stunning Gold and Pink Bedroom Color Combination Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 4 Great Bedroom Decoration with Coral and Gold Color Adding Color Punch in Your Bedroom Part 4