Asian Bedroom Element – Sculptural Lighting

Now we already come into the last part of the Asian element article. Have you already read up the previous articles? We have a lot of things that discussed inside it, from the bedroom color, the nature element and even fusion element in creating your Asian design. This article would worth to read. Just read them first. Now let’s just advance to the main discussion, shall we?

Sculptural Lighting is the Key!

Now we come into the last element! Do you know that in traditional Japanese design ‘paper lantern’ is a magical aspect that will easily bring Japanese feel into our homes? It’s even there before we ever realized. As we know that lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating a room. It plays a great role to support your mood, you can even create what moods you want inside the room by just playing with your source of lighting.

To add a strong Japanese ambiance n your bedroom, you can start it by mimicking Japanese paper lanterns. It has been around for decades that why you can easily use it to create a Japanese atmosphere in your bedroom. How about doing some drastic measure by replacing your old bedside table lamps with some pendant lamp that will add a Japanese aesthetic? By doing so, you can create a truly complete the Asian-inspired bedroom.

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The first person who actually introduces ‘east meets west’ designs was Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese-American artist. His lamp holds their own way even in any contemporary space. If you want to add another style in your bedroom, using bubble pendant lamp is working well. This one actually has a paper lantern look. Your Asian-style bedroom is more or less complete by using this kind of lamp as your lighting source. As we discussed above, lighting is the key in every room and design. Its play a great role in enchanting Asian aura in your bedroom also by choosing the right one you can create a welcoming atmosphere.

Hope this article would help you to understand the important elements in creating an Asian style bedroom. Happy decorating!

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