Beach Theme Bedroom Design Ideas

Thinking about creating a beach bedroom for yourself? Well this one is indeed a good option since you can have a relaxing palace and have a holiday vibe at the same time.

Have no idea where to start? Luckily this article will give you several advice that can be used on your decorating project. Now you can make your beach bedroom come true. Just check it out.

1. Beach themed bedroom in white and aqua

Have you ever consider using floaty aqua dip-dyed voile inside your coastal bedroom? Then maybe it’s the right time to try it right? Using a floaty aqua dip-dyed voile with seashell curtain ties is what you need especially if you seek a bright and breezy beach bedroom. It will help you to make your beach inspired scheme into life.

2. Beach themed bedroom with coral bedspread

For those who seek a pretty alternative to classic blue, you should try red since it also work well especially for a coastal white scheme inside your beach bedroom. A coral bedspread thrown over striped blue bed linen will help you to enhance your current bedroom into the next level. It can evokes a distinctively seaside feel that you desire.

3. Beach themed bedroom with dark wood

Just imagine how well the white painted wooden flooring combined with white shutters and bed linen. This combination will lead to a colonial feel, you can add dark wooden furniture as well. The dark wooden furniture will give structure to your light-filled bedroom.

The wood will also enhance the room since it give a relaxing feeling. Well, nothing can beat the nature touch to provide a relaxing palace right? You should try it out.

4. Beach themed bedroom balcony

Why don’t we try a hint of red? It will be great color to help you adding a twist to the nautical theme. By keeping the rest of the scheme white, you can have a laid-back look. The rest is just use shell accessories. The accessories s can give pretty finishing touch to your beach bedroom. This kind of bedroom design is what you need to give your bedroom a shooting vibe of coastal.

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