Beautiful Beach Bedroom Ideas Part 2

Thinking about creating a beach themed bedroom? This kind of bedroom is perfect if you want to create a holiday experience inside your room. Just imagine the coastal atmosphere inside your rom. This will give you a perfect sleeping experience. Then luckily we have plenty of this that you can use.

1. Beach themed bedroom with a cozy palette seashell and pebble tones

Do you have ever try to use a traditional Scandinavian theme on your bedroom? This time you won’t have to tweak them too much in order to create a perfect beach-style scheme. All you need just play the colors and textures of natural coastal, the surrounding nature indie your bedroom. Choosing a subtle pebble shades of pale gray is a good choice. You can also use sand and stone together, these combination can give you a warmth of weathered wood and worn linen.

Take your reclaimed plank and built the headboard and bed platform, you could choose sisal flooring and a feature rug. The wool can be used to dress up the bed. Not forget the blankets and cushions too.

How about use natural and woven textures against your simple, pale-grey walls? This will make the design stand out beautifully and give you a cozy finish. For those who love darker hues, the nautical decorating is what you need since it will have plenty of navy and red inside the design.

2. Beach themed bedroom with beach hut walls

Do you want to get back the bright summer beach experience inside the bedroom? Then all you need just plenty of white inside the room. Adding a painted wood paneling will create a charming beach-house atmosphere that will make your beach themed bedroom feel like the actual one. It even better if you complemented with charming blue stripes to add a fresh and calm look.

Make sure you keep the room from looking too bland, you can do it by simply mounting a picture rail. This way you could display your favorite artwork. The soft furnishings in knitted or woven textures will add warmth to your bedroom.

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