Beautiful Beach Bedroom Ideas Part 3

1.  Beach themed bedroom with stormy gray shades

Do you want to use a dramatic shorelines and moody horizons as your room inspiration? Then you absolutely can do it inside this reinvent beach style bedroom. This is a good chance to give your bedroom a depth. Luckily this can be done easily by mixing stormy blues and warm grays. This two color combination will create a tonal scheme.

Adding accessories with stripes, checks and spots. It’s important in order to give you a cozy and casual feel. Then for the finished touch, how about adding dramatic touch? a large photographic beach print in black and white can do the right job.

2.  Beach themed bedroom with fish-motif wallpaper

Give your bedroom a relaxed sun-bleached ‘visit to the beach’ feel that is light, breezy and energizing by day and cozy and cocooning at night. Layer textures from rough ‘driftwood’-inspired finishes and woven surfaces to fine fabrics. Add subtle coastal motifs with neutral fish-print wallpaper and fabric. This scheme is perfect if you love that ‘closer to nature’ vibe.

3. Beach themed bedroom for children

For the children’s bedrooms we suggesting use beach and nautical themes. Te reason is simply because this two make a fresh, enjoyable and timeless look for the bedroom.  To help you lift up the subtle palette of whites and blues inside your room, you can depend on fun small-scale seaside motifs. Using red accents will work too.

To give your kids a room that will ready for a more mature update, then you might also want to try classic wooden furniture. It will last long into adolescence and also perfect for your coastal scheme.

4. Beach themed bedroom with vintage style

By adding a beautiful 1950s-style sail boat wallpaper and combine it with a patchwork quilt, you could create a simple vintage coastal look. Do you want to create a whimsical bright and breezy seaside vibe inside your bedroom? Then all you need just simply adding out primary colors with interesting red and blue accessories. This will give you a British vibe incises your room. Happy decorating!

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