New Bedroom with Captain’s Bed

Having great bedroom design will not be a dream when you know exactly what you have to do and what kind of furniture items that you should choose for you most personal space. When you go down to the market, there are lots of bed furniture that you can find to suit with the space size as well as the style of your room. Beside custom bed that you usually find in the furniture store, you might ever heard about Captain’s bed that goes more popular recently. Captain’s bed impressing antique style and they give you so many storage spaces under the bed to keep all the stuffs you have. This bed will be beneficial for you who have lots of things like shoes, books or winter clothes to be kept.

Captain’s bed will help you to store your things and allows you to arrange the bedroom and make it clean and tidy as well. According to its name, Captain’s bed was used for the Captain’s room in a board ship. The bed was used to keep all the things that the Captain’s need during the sea trip for many months that is why he needs to have lots of storage spaces in his bed. The things is that the bed now known for its capability to save more stuffs, specially for those who have small bedroom or small apartment or even for the kids bedroom. People today create the Captain’s bed in creative ways and they are divided in 3 different style such as nautical style, modern style as well as lodge style. If you love to have an antique looks, maybe to have nautical captain’s bed furniture will be great. While for the modern people, modern designer now bring the Captain’s bed to be more stylish with fashionable touch to adjust with today’s demand. Cottage house, lodge house or country house style will go nicely with Captain’s bed, specially the one with white color and decorative designs.

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