How Your Bedroom Color Can Affect Your Life – Part 1

When you choose a color to decorate your bedroom you need to make a deep thought about it. Don’t go just for the look. Your color choice can affect your life; it can help you to get a better sleep or having more sex. Travelodge conducting a study that revealing certain color can stimulate and help people to get a better quality of sleep. Around of 2,000 British homes are participated in this survey on their evening habits.

You can read this following article to understand the color impact toward human life.

  1. Red

Red is known as the color of passion. Aside from this popular believe the fact say the opposite. The red bedroom actually is worst for romance. The resident whore paints their bedroom in red reported to have sex once a week.

  1. Orange

Do you want to add warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere for your room? Then orange is the best color option for this answer. Orange color helps to warm and relaxing your muscles. It’s a good thing because you can get a better night sleep after a heavy work.

  1. Yellow

According to the study from Travelodge, yellow is the second best color to boost your sleep. You can stimulate the nervous system and encourage relaxation of your body by using this kind of hue. The good thing about using this color is you can make your bedroom cozier

  1. Green

Do you want to create a positive bedroom? According to 22% of the respondents say that in the green bedroom they can waking up with feeling upbeat and more positive. That’s why green color it the third best color tone to help you get a better sleep.

  1. Blue

The study says that people with blue bedrooms tend got better sleep than any other color. In the blue bedroom, people can get sleep around 7 hours and 52 minutes per night.  According to Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, receptors in our eyes are most sensitive this kind of color. The blue color stimulates the cell that informs our brain’s daily rhythms, that why we get easy to sleep inside of the blue bedroom.

The bonus of using blue color in your bedroom is  you can reduce blood pressure and lower the heart rate. Don’t forget the fact that blue color adds calming atmosphere.  People with blue bedrooms tend to wake up feeling happy.

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