How Your Bedroom Color Can Affect Your Life – Part 2

Have you ever read about how your bedroom color can affect your life article? In this article, you will find out how color can affect our life. This previous article will describe how colors such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue can help you to provide better sleep. You might need to read the article if you favorite color in one in the described group.

In this article, you will be informed about the rest color you can use for the bedroom. Check them out.

  1. Silver

This shooting metallic color can turn your bedroom into more luxurious. From the survey conducted by Travelodge with around of 2,000 British homes, fifth respondents with silver decoration bedroom more motivated to do exercise inside the bedroom

  1. Purple

Using purple for your bedroom might not a good decision, you won’t even get a rest in this bedroom. Average respondents only get 5 hours and 56 minutes sleep per night. it’s not a good thing because human needs 7 hours of sleep to get ready for the day. The main reason is because the purple tone is can be very stimulating to your mental; it will make you hard to get rest after a busy day. The worst case, it can even cause vivid dream or nightmare. Nobody would love that isn’t?

  1. Dark Brown

You might think this color is cozy, but it can be quite the opposite. Dark brown color is not as cozy as you think. Using it for your bedroom can make the room feel isolated. Of course, you would feel uncomfortable and restless while sleep inside this bedroom.

  1. Gray

If you want to get a better sleep gray is out of your option, this color cannot boost your sleep. The study found that instead of sleeping, people with gray bedroom tend to spend most of their time online shopping.

  1. White or cream

Do you tend to take overtime works overtime?  Exclude from using white color for your bed you can freely paint your bedroom with any color. Why? The reason lies in the habit of people who use cream or white color. This color scheme tends to take work to bed with them. Then when do you take a rest?

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