Bedroom Color Project Part 1

1. Snowy White Color Scheme

Pearl White, Cream and Black in one room. what do you think about this color combination for your bedroom decorating color? These colors can provide you a snowy color scheme in quick glimpse. Just imagine how your bedroom evoking freshly fallen snow looks. It would be amazing right? You will love it, definitely.

You could also combine the snowy color with pearly whites with softer yellow-based whites. By doing so, you can have undeniably soothing and graceful look in your bedroom. Then for the final touch, how about we add a mirrored nightstand and oval mirror above the bed? It can help you to break up the white bedding.

2. Shimmering Neutrals Color Scheme

For this bedroom decoration color, we would suggest you a shimmering neutral color for your bedroom design. Then how about add silvery gray, weathered wood, and mink? These colors can help you to create an elegant room in instance. Do you know that by pulling together palette of grays can give you an elegant space? Yes, it’s that simple.

Just keep the undertones warm and by doing so, you can keep the space from not feeling uninviting. Soft gray walls stand back and tall ceilings, you won’t want to miss this one especially when you also add beautiful patterns, and sparkling accents. These combinations will just stand in the spotlight. Using fabric such as velvet and damask is the best especially if you want to inject a shimmering effect. You can do it without make the design too sparkly.

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3. Modern Color Scheme

Who would refuse a modern color for their bedroom decoration color? You will love this combination of bright sky blue, cool white, and warm oak. If you want a classic touch then adding blue is the best option. Well, the blue color itself is vibe out a classical effect. It also blend well in modern settings as well.

To achieve the best look, all you need just use it with crisp white as well as clean-lined furniture and accessories. To help you maintain the modern monochromatic color scheme, then a shade lighter than the bedding is need to be considered.

 Bedroom Color Project Part 1 Neutral Bedroom Design with Gray Color Schemes Bedroom Color Project Part 1 Snowy White Theme Bedroom Decoration Ideas Bedroom Color Project Part 1