Bedroom Color Project Part 2

1. Classic Global Color Scheme

Let’s crate a classical bedroom with global color scheme for your bedroom decoration color project. What do you think about poppy red, combined with mink gray?  The gray color can be pulled into the excitement of red color. This color combination in one room can create a traditional bedroom that feel more alive. You will love the global-inspired motifs.

Do you want to turn your bed into a focal point? Then adding red bedding and pillow will do. You can have a great focal point, it will be better especially when you add mink gray walls pair up with rich red and crisp white palette. Can you imagine the result?

To help you bring in global flair to the space, you might need block and kit prints. Your bedroom curtain can dial back on the red color, now you can rely palette such as brown, black, and orange. This move can create acknowledges the red’s color presence. Just don’t overuse the crimson hue in your bedroom space.

2. Serene Green Color Scheme

Seafoam Green,  Tidal Blue and Surf White. What do you think about the bedroom color combination? Do you aware that by adding these colors into your bedroom space you can create a serene color scheme? Then lest play with green color for your bedroom decoration color.

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You could us the seafoam green and watery blues together to evoke a seaside look. If you want to maintain a level of sophistication in your bedroom then you might want to add upholstered window cornice, an antique chair, and a graceful headboard.

3. Elegant Neutral Color Scheme

Antique whites and crisp white is what we need for the next bedroom decoration color. For this bedroom decoration project, you just need to forget to matching with the white. Do you know that you can create a visually interesting space with few mix of neutrals?

How about keep your palette of whites within the same rang? This way they can share similar undertones.  Warm whites in varying intensities color the walls, trim, and bedding might give you astonishing look. It quite easy to produce though.

Cozy Serene Green Bedroom Color Scheme Bedroom Color Project Part 2 Elegant White Bedroom Color and Decoration Bedroom Color Project Part 2 Perfect Combination of Classical Bedroom Color Scheme Bedroom Color Project Part 2