Bedroom Decoration Tip for this season

When it comes to a bedroom decoration, you won’t want to miss this hack and trick to help you decorate your bedroom.

1. Mix Shabby with Color Block

If you want to provide a greater balance to your mom, all you need just mixing a relaxed piece of furniture inside it. Then using modern elements like color-blocked paint and structured lamps is the best to help you accomplish what you want. By using this one your room will neither too sloppy or too sterile. Then how about giving a final touch by adding  fresh flowers and plants to give touch of nature in your room?

2. Flower Power

In any interior style flower will just go with anything. It’s a perfect option to use a flower pattern since you won’t have to water it down since it just prints and paintings. All you need just pairing them up with natural pieces like wooden side table, this will spice up the room design. And you can also use a bright colors to help you creating a playful room.

3. Mix Pastels with Bright

Now you need to considering to upgrade your old chairs and pair them off with something new. This will help you to create a fun moment in your room. Just grab some relaxed floral-patterned or geometric pillows to help you add some relaxing touch in your bedroom. This will also provide you with a look that isn’t too antique. Just mixing up pastel with some bright tone will help you to brighten your room.

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4. Mix Metallic and Mirrors

Have you ever consider to use metallic and mirror combination? Actually, vintage mirror furniture will always go with anything. You can add a dimension to your room by adding a reupholstered chair. Just play up with the linear furniture to help you make up the whole room design.

5. Light and Airy

When it comes into creating a shabby look in your room, it doesn’t mean that you have to go going full in pattern all the time. Creating a light airy space is just enough for it.  Just combine it with various textures and materials. By doing so, you concrete an inviting bedroom.

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