A Bedroom Industrial Style, Why Not?

Nowadays, an industrial style is popular. People choose it for their cafe, bathroom, bedroom, and others. This style shows the masculine side and identical with unfinished and rough touch. For example, the wall and floor are often not covered by tiles and just let the bricks or concrete are exposed and sometimes the bricks used as a backdrop. This style is often combined with wooden beams, iron water pipes, and stainless steel.

Through this article, we will explain about the industrial style of a bedroom. Perhaps, you have bored with your bedroom style but you still confused to choose the next style, you can this style. But, before changing the bedroom style, read this explanation below.

Playing with metallic elements

To get an industrial feel, you can use rusted copper or decorate the wall with metal tiles. Match the table with other elements, so that you will get an imaginative room. You can also use steel frames as a room divider.

Graffiti area in the brick wall?

It’s certainly yes. As we know that metal is always the main element for an industrial touch, but there’s no harm if you want to use bricks or concrete. Usually, people use the canvas material to create a graffiti art but you can do it on the brick or concrete wall. You can let the bricks or concrete be exposed or paint the wall with white color.

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Use low height bed

Even you want to have an industrial bedroom style; you should create a comfortable room. This style gives a simple and natural touch, so use a low height bed without any ornaments. You can choose a bed made of used wooden railway sleepers or wood pieces without finishing to show the natural fibers.

It’s about your taste

The industrial style matches with dark and deep lighting to give a chummy feel, or you can use bright lighting with cool colors which can balance the metallic elements. A popular designer said that if you wanted a dark room became more sparkling, made it darker. But, if you want a cheerful room, try the chic and trendy industrial style.

In designing a room, all you need is keeping the harmony of anything in the bedroom, so you’ll get a maximum result. So, are you interested with this style?

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