A Bedroom a La 5-Star Hotel

Have you bored with your bedroom style? And do you love about luxury things? If yes, a bedroom a la 5-star hotel doesn’t harm for you, even more, you have a wide room space.  As we can see that in 5-star hotels definitely have luxurious feature and interior.  So, you can have them in your private room. Follow these tips below to create a bedroom look alike a luxurious hotel.

Elegant lighting

You can use decorative lamps as the light source. To get a luxurious look, choose decorative lamps with bright-colored cap and have white light, but if you want an elegant look, you can choose decorative lamps with dark-colored cap and has yellowish light. You better put only 2 decorative lamps in the nightstand tables beside the bed because the main lamp is a crystal lamp which looks luxurious and elegant.


The bed color must suitable with the other interior colors such as wall color, or other furniture. Choose Egyptian cotton mattress to get a luxury of the bed. White or cream color can be your choice for the bed sheet, then for the blanket, you can choose the stronger color like gold. You will feel like in a 5-star hotel if you have white bed sheet and golden blanket on the bed, especially if there’s a monogram pillow.

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Generally, in 5-star hotels have big windows in one of the wall sides. Use the windows as a sun shade. Choose curtains that have 30 cm size longer than the windows itself. Adjust the curtain color to the other interior colors, but dark colors are the best choice to get an elegant look.

Sitting area and TV

As we know that in a 5-star hotel there are sitting area and TV with sound system. These features are for the guests to enjoy the TV shows or to read a book in the armchair. For the color of sitting area can be matched with other interior colors like the bed.

Wall paint color

Choose paint colors that match with room furniture colors. If your bedroom has furniture made of dark woods which has dark brown color, you can choose a light brown color for the wall.

You can also have a bathroom inside the bedroom or give some luxurious features. Hopefully, this article can inspire you.

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