Bedroom Painting Color Combination Ideas Part 1

When I say a place a relaxing place what come into your mind first? Do you have your bedroom in mind? We often forget the bedroom or make it as our last priority when adjusting our home. Do you aware that bedroom is one of the important room in your home? Then why don’t you make it comfortable as possible? So when you need a comfortable and relaxing place you can just go to your own bedroom.

Just imagine yourself after a daylong activity dive in your bed. Resting both of your body and minds. This would heavenly feel right? Then you can make this imagination come true. No need to think hard method, you can do it simply. The easiest way to create a relaxing bedroom is by choosing the correct painting color scheme. Do you aware that color can give impact toward your whole room design? Check these several color combination you can apply on your own bedroom.

1. Green and Pink

Green itself is soothing color, while pink add girly touch. These color can be applied independently in one room, but if you want to combine them, that’s would make a fantastic combination. You will create a perfect combination that perfectly fit for any feminine bedroom.

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2. White

Do you love bright color pattern? Then using white is the best recommendation so far. By using white color in your bedroom you can make your whole room look simple and minimalist. Such minimalist design scheme is good choice since its easy on the eyes.

3. Gray and White

Do you find it kind of calming during rainy days? Then take the sensation inside your bedroom. you can use combination of gray and white to make overcast clouds and bring touch of nature to your bedroom at the same time.

4. Black and White

Do you want to make chic and modern look? Black and white color combination can provide it with easy touch, this classic duo can create chic and modern look that won’t look too busy or bright. Do you find this article useful? Then wait for the next one.

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