Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips – Part 1

The blue color can add peacefulness and help to refresh the spirit. Using it for your room can help you to feel more relaxing from a stressful day. Just imagine you from careful day diving into your blue room. It would be a perfect retreat. Nothing would go wrong from using a blue color in one’s bedroom.

Do you want to transform your current bedroom using blue color? When in term of bedroom decoration after neutrals colors such as white, gray and brown blue  are the most popular color choice for room decoration. but ist doesn’t mean that you can’t combine these color wits blue color. The blue color can match with any other color. You will find the perfect combination of blue the suit your style.

Check this blue combination.

  1. Blue and Green.

You can create a harmony from blue and green. These colors are sitting to each other on the color wheel, that’s what make it as a good combination. You can use a bright color for your bedroom. But in case you want to create a calming bedroom you can use pastel tint of blue and a bit of lime green. To develop wonderful backdrop you can combine pastel blue walls and white molding.

  1. Blue and brown

For modern bedroom you can try to use a combination of blue and brown, these are a great color combination. A mix of dark chocolate brown with turquoise accents can turn out your bedroom into a perfect look, this mix of patterns and accessories can add eccentric charm to your bedroom. You can still feel the fun yet also sophisticating atmosphere.

  1. Blue and red

You need to give these classic palette tries, they really pop but still at your range of control. You can add some charm by mixing this pallet with white color. The good thing is by using this palette you are not limited to casual or rustic styles. You can use blue and red in contemporary, retro and Asian themes as well.

These tips can help you to transform your bedroom into a beautiful blue room.  If you are curious about the other color mix you can wait for the next article.

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