Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips – Part 2

Make your personal bedroom be a perfect space is a must. Since it’s the place where you spend your time a must. If kind of blue color lover, painting your room into blue color is a perfect choice to create a calming bedroom. On the previous article of Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips, you can find hot to combine blue color using green, brown and red color for your bedroom.  You might need to read this previous article to understand more about the color combination.

If you still need some inspiration about using the blue color combination, this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we will describe more about the blue color combination with other colors such as orange, gold, and white color. As described in the previous article, blue color can blend with any other color and match with it. Read this following article to find the perfect combination of blue the suit your style. Check them out.

  1. Blue and orange

How about the touch of retro style for your bedroom? Using blue paired with orange color can provide you a retro look for your bedroom. Sine blue and orange are color complements, when you use them together, you can create strong contras and dramatic vibe. When used as an accent for the bedroom you can add exciting feels without dominating the space.

  1. Blue and gold

For metallic touch people probably have a picture in their head that cool blue has equally to cool silver. But by mixing a deep shade of blue with a gold color you can transform your bedroom into elegant one. For a traditional bedroom design adding deep blue and gold is a perfect choice.

  1. Blue and white

Do you know you can develop a striking room by white with any other pure color? Well, blue is one for the option. You can create a lovely bedroom by combining a dark hue of pure blue with white color. This can add tranquility accent in your bedroom and dramatic splash. You can add some oceanic accessories for your bedroom, by doing so you can create comfortable and delights atmosphere.

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