Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips – Part 3

Do you still look a good inspiration for transforming you bedroom using blue color? You might need to read Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips first, in this article you can find how to combine green, brown and red color combined with blue. While on Blue Bedroom Color Combining Tips 2 article you can find blue color combination using orange, gold, and white color. There is no limit on the combination of blue color you can use for your bedroom.

You can find the blue combination using gray, yellow and any neutral color in this article. Read this following article to help you get enough inspiration to help you transforming your bedroom as you desire.

  1. Blue and gray

Both of blue and gray color is on the cool side of the spectrum of color. When used on your interior design it doesn’t cast chilly atmosphere in your bedroom. To cast off any cloudy a gloomy atmosphere from your bedroom you can add some touches of bright blue.  Turquoise throw pillows can work well for the job. The best part of this combination is you can make your bedroom welcoming yen serene and also relaxing at the same time by use the right combination. The secret is you need to keep the blue color muted while the gray soft.

  1. Blue and yellow
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As you know that this color is different, blue is relaxing and cool, while yellow is cheerful and warm color. They can enhance each other perfectly without a doubt. The best thing about this combination is that you can use them in any decoration theme. Blue and yellow combination work well in the formal, elegant and romantic bedroom.

  1. Blue and neutral

The best odd neutral color is you can use these colors to every kind of room; it also works perfectly with the other color. Try to infuse a big dose of peace and tranquility in your bedroom with using blue accent to your neutral theme. So you can make up your boring space with this combination of color. You can also make your room better with using rustic touch like a weathered wood wall.

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