Bring the So-So Bedroom Out

It’s never going to be wrong to apply neutral color to the bedroom. But, this will make you feel so-so when waking up every morning. If you want to experience something new at your bedroom you have to be brave to make it different.

Colorful bedroom

When you decide to renew the bedroom design you have to try something new, such as new color. Mix and match colors and use it as the same color scheme of furniture in the bedroom. You can apply the different color to each part of the wall. And set the different design in each part. Keep the design stay in one scheme even it has different color or scheme.

Combine textures

When it come talk about a bedroom, texture is one of an important part to bring the comfort. You can choose any texture you like, but remember to keep it good looking. Change the linens can bring the different look of the bedroom. Or maybe you can some plants to make the change of bedroom texture easy and fast. It also can bring nature element to the bedroom, freshener the bedroom air.

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But, if nature is not your kind of style don’t force yourself to place some plant into your bedroom. Instead, you can add other accessories such as tufted headboard. Uses the big headboard makes it look much better.

If there still a lot of free space at the wall, you can also add fiber art. Do DIY to make it fits your taste and let it echo.

Another trick is oversized the box and basket. Keep these things to be as unique as possible and placed in unusual spots.

Change the pillow patterns

Pillow patterns make the bedroom color balance. As the bed is your focal point, pillow changes can bring so much unique and different. Pillows also update the bedroom style in a really easy way. Add the volume, change the pattern, color, and texture. Remember the main idea is being brave when to decorate the so-so bedroom. so you free to apply a different pattern, color, and textures of the pillow even the size. Choose the variety of size instantly update the bedroom look.

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