Chic Urban Style Bedroom Design Inspiration

Nowadays bedroom is not just a place where people spend their time to sleep. We do agree that bedroom is one of the most important places in one room and the main purpose of this room is to support your sleep. But then with this modern touch that gradually growing around, the bedroom already have an extra function. This bedroom you know as a place where you just sleep is used as a blank canvas. It’s a canvas where the owner can paint it up and expressing himself.

Since the bedroom is your personal space then you can transform it as you desire, it’s your own after all. Your bedroom can describe you more than using words. Your personal bedroom can tell what your preference, your personality, and what your mood is by just take a glimpse at it. Then it will be a good idea to make it more “you”. The more you give personal touch in your bedroom it will become more comfortable. For example tip urban style bedroom.

You can look this bedroom is created using urban style and decorated in modern also comes into minimalist style of industrial touches. The main ideas are decorating bedroom in a big city apartment and make it far more gorgeous. It’s also  important to make your adjustment is cozy and inviting, relaxing since you are the one who will spend your time inside this bedroom.

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This bedroom design is a perfect example for those who have a space issue for their bedroom, the owner tries to maximize the light by using the floor to ceiling windows and added a mirror headboard wall to create visual illusion as you already know that mirror help to  reflect light and visually expand spaces. When to combine with the white color, it will make a perfect adjustment since white tone is reflecting the light around the room. It also makes the room feels bigger than actually is.

And as the final touch to make a bold visual interest, you can try to hang graphic artwork over the bed. Choose an artwork that suitable for your bedroom design. On the picture above the artwork helps to create a mood and reminds of big city life.

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