How to Choose Perfect Bedroom Windows

One of the important things in your house that needs your attention is a window. Windows play a big role in your house look and feel. Sometimes we don’t even consider it.  When renovating your home, you need to considering your window both indoors and out.

Nowadays windows are highly engineered; they combined aesthetic appeal, safety, security, and even energy efficiency. You can easily found that there are many types, styles, and features available in the market. It might overwhelm while you need to make a decision for your bedroom. Don’t worry about it. This guide will help you to decide what you want for your bedroom. You can decide it easily after reading this guide.

  1. Double or Single Hung

Double or single hung windows are featured with two sashes; these sashes are stacked vertically in the window. You can open both sashes to allow the air flow for double hung windows. For ease of cleaning, you can also tilt inward both of the sashes. While for single hung window, it only has one moving sash. The top sash will remain fixed in its place.

This kind of windows usually used in bedrooms and kitchens. Especially if your room need a great amount of air flow. You can get enough good air circulation if you choose to use this kind of window for your bedroom.

  1. Slider windows

Same as double hung window, slider window also featured with two sashes. But slider windows sashes placed next to each other horizontally. Double slider windows can also move both of the sashes, while single slider windows have one sash fixed. You can commonly find it in a bedroom. Slider window can let you control the amount of fresh air you need for your bedroom

  1. Casement windows

Casement windows are more commonly found in older buildings, this kind of windows is featured by a single sash, the sash is hinged one side of the window. The sash is opened and closed by turning a crank handle. It can swing open a full 90° outward.  If you want to add some charming touch of a finished attic these windows is the great option.

  1. Awning windows

Hinged at the top, when you turn the crank handle at the base awning windows will open outwards. This kind of windows only open to about 30° or 45°, but you can get good protection from rainy weather even when the windows is still open. If you compare it with casement windows or the other, this kind of window won’t allow as much airflow as the other windows.

  1. Picture window

Have you see picture windows? These kinds of windows do not open at all, no amount of fresh air into your bedroom if you choose this window. Picture windows are fixed panes of glass that allow lots of natural light to your room. This window commonly used in large living or dining room. You can easily find these windows paired with another type of windows in one room.

  1. Bay window

Do you want to create charming reading books or eating areas? Then using bay windows is the correct answer. You will be amazed by the unique shape of bay windows. This amazing shape is created by pondering three windows together at 30° or 45° angles. By using the bay windows you can add some natural light and fresh air to your room. It’s also a perfect way of creating a cozy place to sit and read your favorite books. This kind of windows usually used in larger kitchens.

  1. Bow windows

This bow window is kind of similar to bay windows, while bow windows are rounder than bay windows. The shape is because of the larger number of panels and smaller angles. Bow windows contain up to 4 or 5 windows. Depending on your personal preference, you can always use them interchangeably.

  1. Geometric windows

Geometric or custom-shape windows are kind of fixed panes of glass type. The geometric windows are like a picture window, usually smaller than other windows and include shapes inside of it. Commonly geometric windows used as decoration of a small room. Using it for your bedroom is not recommended since you won’t have a good air circulation.

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