How to Create a Black Themed Bedroom

Do you want to decorate your current room in black? The black color is not a common choice in interior design, especially used on bedroom since this color associated with dark and lone color. But when you make a correct arrangement and do it correctly, even this dark color can turn out to be beautiful and elegance.

Well, it can be quite tricky to decorate a black bedroom, but you can ease since the key is to mix and match the surrounding item to create balance in your bedroom. you can check this black bedroom design to get an inspiration.

Do you like this bedroom design? Or you may want to create one for your own bedroom? The key is if you want to use black color as your bedroom main color, then you might infuse white as well. This white color also pairs up with black color and make your bedroom looks elegance. And another advantage of using white color, it can help you to reflect the light. So your bedroom won’t dark and lack of lighting. You can use white color in your beddings or your ceilings, this way you can give the contrast to your whole rooms decoration.

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Using patterned wallpaper also work for your black wall, take a look this black bedroom design above as your example. And to wrap up and create accent point in your wall, hang up some black and white framework on your wall can do.  This framework will make your bedroom extra elegance and not too mute.

As we already know in the black bedroom would feel dark inside it, don’t forget about your lighting. Since this lighting is important to support your activities inside this room. Another thing to consider that your lighting choice can help you to create moods that you want. Then you need to consider more about your lighting setting.

If you don’t like too gloomy atmosphere, then adding some plant or flower is a good idea. The flower can help you to liven up space and give freshen looks.

Just use your creativity to set up your black bedroom. But first, make sure that you will feel comfortable with the setting.

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