Create a Nursery Bedroom for Your Little One

Create a Nursery Bedroom for Your Little One

Babies do not only need a bedroom. Moreover, they need a space to make the nursing process easier. So, you must make a special spot which is you can lay your baby down, and set the stuff you needs near you.

Give it playful touch

Blogger woman called Nadia on Preciously Me, post an adorable bedroom that she made by herself. She doing some DIY Project while making almost the accessories. She even creates a fairy door at the corner. She makes it improve the baby imagination. It’s really a good stimulation. She applies pastel color as the bedroom scheme. And also covered the floor with the thick carpet, make the bedroom looks warm and cozy.

Crib that have so many colors

There is no doubt that colorful crib makes the baby cheerful and comfortable. One of super talented blogger Amanda transforms the old house into the modern and comfortable bedroom. She changes some furniture into the new one, makes the closer more functional and gives it personality. She also painted the wall with a beautiful color, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

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Her beautiful and unique house is 115 years old and made from original oak trim. The original color of the house is great, so she just renews the wall painting with the same color. She also hanging a small shelf to store books and accessories. And don’t forget to mention about a special spot at the corner of the crib, she changes it into the gallery wall. Even she put some pillow there to make the spot more comfortable.

Green forest

No parent would consider painting the wall using the dark color. But, Blogger Malorie will make you change your mind instantly. She uses deep green as the basic wall color, while most people will choose a bright color as the wall’s color of the baby bedroom. Deep green turn the bedroom more calm and shady. It likes really comfortable being there and spends the rest time with the baby.

Even Malorie renew the old dresser and transform it into a nursing spot. And do DIY to make some accessories. You can apply this idea at your home and make the baby bedroom the most of it.

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