Creating Japanese Style Bedroom – Changing the Basics

Are you looking for a way to transforming your bedroom into Japanese themed? then you found the right thing. This article will help you to provide the information you need for this project. To change your bedroom into Japanese themed bedroom, you might need to change  everything in your room. Don’t worry about the detail, if you following this instruction you can finish it in no time.

  1. Clear everything from of your room.

Just remove everything from your own room, take out the  furniture and decoration. Clean up the wall and take down everything. Make sure you also clean up the floor. We will use this clean and empty room as the start for new project.

  1. Use tatami mats

You will need to use tatami mats for the room flooring. Tatami mats are woven straw mats which can be purchased online or nearby furniture store. Make sure you take a good measurement to your room before purchasing for your room. Take a list of how many and what size do you need for your Japanese bedroom. usually, you can find it about 3 feet by 6 feet.

  1. Use earth tone as your wall paint
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You can use this sets of color: : white, beige, yellow, and brown to paint up your room. Usually, Japanese room is painted in this earthy color. Choose the color that helps you feels relax is the key. You should make the wall color simple and not distract. In case you choose to add a bamboo accent wall in your room, you can accent them with bright color such as red, gold, or pink. This additional color will give spring color into your room.

The goal of this setup actually to create a soothing ambiance, which is you can feel nature view in your bedroom.

  1. Use Japanese style sliding door

It would be nice to replace you old door and use one Japanese style for your bedroom. it would be good chance to install one in your bedroom. this sliding door usually come with wood frames covered with paper or glass. But if your room design can’t accommodate it, choosing a Japanese style swing door also work well.

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