Creating Japanese Style Bedroom – Choosing Furniture

There is a countless way to decorating a bedroom. For example, if you want to create a Japanese style bedroom on your own, you might need to read this previous article of Creating Japanese Style Bedroom – Changing the Basics. It will help you to start your decorating project.

If you already see the previous article, then it’s time for the next step. Are you ready? Check this following steps to guide you in choosing furniture.

  1. Chose furniture material from natural wood.

When creating Japanese-style bedroom we can’t separate the use of nature element in this bedroom. then your furniture choice should be from wood. Consider choosing a simple and close to ground furniture. This is the Japanese style furniture that usually used to make Japanese bedroom. choosing a stylish furniture to add modern touch is acceptable. But most of it make sure that you don’t clutter your bedroom with furniture.

  1. Purchase a low ground bed frame

When you are walking into furniture store, chose a bed frame that closes to the floor. Choose The lowest as possible. If you want the bed frame to looks good, then choose one that uses dark color. But if you don’t want to afford new bed frame then lest just make everything easier. Put the mattress directly on the ground can do the job well.

  1. If necessary you should invest in new furniture.
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Depending on your bedroom size and the style of your old furniture you might need to purchase a new one to complete the room setting. You might need these following items for your bedroom.

Bedside tables, the bedside table must match with your bed and close to the ground.

Drawers that wider than its tall, and simple table and chair that can be used as desk is appreciable.

  1. Consider the seating area

Do you have a large space bedroom? then you might need to buy a long, low crafted wooden coffee table and set of floor pillow. Chose the one with earthy color as well. This setting is what you will commonly found din Japanese seating area. By arranging this, you a create strong Japanese atmosphere.

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