Creating a Perfect Valentine Bedroom Part 2

1. Choose the color of bedding

In order to help you creating a perfect valentine bedroom, then you need to choose the right color of your beddings. It would be best if you keep the color of the bedding as central fortunes of your romantic night. Well, you can’t do anything if you miss the color and spoil everything. It will only result to waste your hard work.

For this case, you just need to go with pearl, gold or bronze. These kinds of colors are already known to create an environment of romance. Just make sure that you don’t use any unconventional colors such as grey, yellow or pink. We are try to avoid disaster here. Using a popular color such as red, black, white, blue and green are acceptable. These colors are trusted in order to bring romance in special night such as valentine’s night.

2. Matches the window dressing

It will give a big difference if you also match the window dressing with the bedding you choose. This will give a big impact toward the whole bedroom look. The right move can add a buzz to the romantic vibe to the room.

3. Draperies or curtains

How about use draperies or curtains that catch the wind and flow? It can make one feel the charm of respective partner. Doing it could add a zing to the romantic look.

4. The bedding

Obviously, it the vital element in this perfect valentine bedroom design. It’s the center point of the whole decor of your room. By using the correct method you could give impression to your beloved partner. How about silk and sati? You can use this perfect fabric for the beddings. It will give you a perfect chance to make a cozy and sexy night.

For those who can’t really afford silk and satin, then go for sateen is the best offer that you can make. It can still give you the same cozy and luxurious effect that you can find on 100% cotton sateen sheets. Of course the price also will make you more comfortable and relieved right?
Good luck in decorating your perfect valentine bedroom.

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