Creating Stylish Bedroom with Wall Accent

Do you want to transform your own bedroom? Then you can do it pretty simple and ended with a bang! The easiest way to give your bedroom a big impact is using an accent wall for the room design. The best place to do this is the behind of your headboard; the reason is simple because rather than compete with all the space you can bow done the rest of the room and focus on the place where you lay your head.

There are countless thing you can try for this, and the easiest one can be done such as painting the wall in different color. 3-D cement tiles and mica wallpaper can also be used to enhance your bedroom and make it far more epic, just consider which one you want to use before start decorating. These creative ideas below can be used as your reference in creating stylish bedroom accent wall, check them out.

1. Using two tones

You can create a fashionable accent wall by combining some intense color together, for example using spectacular color that can be seen in sunset can provide the soft and inviting appearance to your wall. By doing this you can create a Rothko painting looks that created by the blurring and composition color.

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2.  Photography wall

Another clever way to decorate your wall is by using a photograph blown up printed up your wall. Printed the photograph on canvas and stretched them across three canvas frames, this way you can create a dynamic triptych look.

3.  Mural

Another easy way to wrap up your wall is by applying wall covering mural. You can turn your bedroom into any place anywhere. For example, you can bring the nature indoor by using forest like design. Just imagine you turn up your bedroom into an edge of a forest.

4.  Strategic moldings

How about give your bedroom wall a base of texture? You can apply combing treatment on metallic blue paint then add some moldings. Frame up the modeling out the nightstands and a space in the middle over the bed. This setting will bring the tall wall down to the scale of your furnishing.

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