Creating Superhero Themed Bedroom

You can give your kids bedroom Ka-Pow factor with suing this bedroom design idea. This bedroom design is perfect fit for kid who loved comic superhero.

Do you know that during most of the pre-school years  most of the little boys or even little girls become obsessed with becoming a superhero? You can imagine their world filled with comic strips, crusading costumes, and daydreams about being superheroes character. The urge to defeat crime and evil with some unique power will be their common adventure. Then why don’t turn their imagination into real and transforming the bedroom into superhero secret lair? Whether Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman or the Black Widow, you can put them into the bedroom and turn their imaginary worlds into alive.

Check this following bedroom design tips to bring their adventure a new start:

Take it to the max

If you give your child marvel bedroom they can become your child’s superhero. To accomplish it you can start with a subtle backdrop. Using soft blue and combine it with white furniture is a good choice. Then you can add a plain rug to balance the scheme. This way you can create a balance room.

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Now go to town and purchased any marvel wallpaper and match it with your bed linen. Your kids would love to see their favorite superhero picture all over the wall. And you can add blue curtain and red blind to complete up the look.

Now all you need is just add some superhero theme pillow to spice up the room. Spiderman or marvel throw pillow can add extra fun to the room design. Your kid would definitely love it.

For older heroes

For twin superhero fan you can transform the bedroom into a bit more artistic, with its funky black and white speckled wallpaper. You can also use grainy comic-book-print texture then pair it up with cool bed linen to make the room looks awesome. This bed linen above also features Marvel favorites Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man in the linen’s pattern design.

You can also provide appealing place for doing homework using framed strip of comic strip marvel wallpaper. Combine the wallpaper with strong red chair and white desk. This combination will make your kid homework time more fun.

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