Creating Zen Bedroom with Urban Touch

The classic zen style bedroom have so much contemporary element which is its remain to the original principle of design, you might consider giving an urban touch to the room. Since not many people who want to apply full-fledged Asian look to their bedroom. you can still create a minimalist bedroom that feels both cozy and inviting. But what most important is it have its own character. The more personal the bedroom the resident will feel more comfortable inside it, as you know that your bedroom is your personal room. Then you free to customize it as you wanted. This is your bedroom after all.

Well, it might easier say that did, you must eliminate the clutter while also make sure at the room is not too empty. Why is it became so much important? You a find easily that in Japanese room it kind of lack of furniture, which is helping them to maximal the room usage to rest. You won’t have a good quality of resting time if you surround yourself inside a room full of clutter don’t you?

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Instead of adding Asian style decoration to your room you can just add one or two item like shoji screen, Buddha statue, lantern lighting or you can selecting any decorative piece that you feel appropriated for the room design. Then you can  let the rest of the room remain in modern element, depending on your style you can create the atmosphere as you desire. Be it minimal or contemporary you can decide it with considering the overall design.

Since we are talking about zen based design, then you might also bring in some nature into your bedroom. a small touch of greenery such as plant or bamboo shoots beside your bedside table can help you to relax the atmosphere around the room. There is nothing that can beat the nature into help you creating balance and peaceful environment. The Even small touch of nature inside your bedroom it can give so much different.  And as the bonus you can freshen the rooms air, you will need fresh air to freshen your mind.

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