Creative Headboard Ideas

You can’t separate a headboard from bedroom right? It’s like having the right shoes and wearing perfect outfit. Do you feel tax your headboard missing the important element? Don’t worry about it since you can still take some inspiration from these headboard ideas and add big impact to your bedroom design.
What do you thing about headboard? It’s big and bulky right? But regardless of the size of your room, the headboard won’t need so much space at all. You can even use it in small or crowded bedroom. How about get ride your bedroom frame and replace it with a headboard then? It’s a great way to reclaim your valuable space.
This simple project can be easily done in no time, and you can upgrade your bedroom into far better. Here some headboard ideas for your bedroom. Check them out.

Converted Room Divider as a Headboard

You can make unique look by using wall panel or room screen and just hang it up as a headboard. If you want to create a contemporary impact then using geometrically-patterned screens or room divider can help you to accomplish it. Then you can remove the screen’s paper and paint the screen’s frame. This will help you to give extra contrast. Make sure that when you painting them, use a color that fit into your bedroom color.

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Fabric Headboards

There is another way to use headboard, using a fabric headboard is one another way. There also many type of headboard you can create by suing fabric. To give finished look into your headboard, there are several ways to do it. For example, you can use fabric panel headboard.

Recycled Object Headboards

This idea is perfect if you are in tight budget. By using the recycled headboard you can still create the coolest the recycled headboard that can beat the expensive headboard style. Just grabs some inspiration and go to local store for supplies. You can make some headboard by using recycled objects such as A wall of books, Salvaged wood slats, Bamboo poles, or even leftover wood flooring pieces.

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