Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 3

Do you have some question about decorating the space above your bed? This actually an important space, if you doing it correctly you can even adds visual interest in that place. What goods about it is you can also have a great solution for your limited space at the same time. This way you can say good bye to your clutter room and make the shelves as your storage.

Have you already read up our previous article of “Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed” and “Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 2”? Inside the article, we also are informing you another clever way in decorating your bedroom. You can also make these ideas as your design material. Now let’s just advance to the next shelves design, shall we? Check them out.

1.  Vintage Couture

Can’t stand from your nightstand being clutter? Then why don’t try top moving up your items such as lamp, jewelry boxes, and photo frames? Just move them up to the shelf above your bed, and voila you just give your nightstand more space. This grant hack won’t even needs any space and would be perfect if you have no space for a bedside table. For those who living in a small space, you should try it up.

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2.  Minimalist Style

When it come into shelf decorating, it does means that you have to throw away your stuff and fill up the whole shelf. A shelf with one or two main pieces of decoration will make the right statement as a brimming piece. The minimalist style would be a perfect choice if you want to create a calming ambiance in your bedroom. And it won’t makes the room looks to crowd.

3.  Industrial Vibes

Be it a globetrotter who seeks treasures from an exotic place or even eccentric looks lover, this design just perfect for you. Industrial pipe shelving piece can be used to be replacement of the traditional nightstand. And it perfectly replace it. The shelf itself mounted almost at the ceiling height, this is to make you sure that it won’t bruise your head. Would nobody like to have an accident in the middle of the night right?

Nice Vintage Couture Bedroom Shelves Design in Small Space Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 3 Beautiful Floating Shelves above the Bed in Minimalist Style Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 3 Decorative Industrial Bedroom with Custom Floating Shelves Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 3