Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 4

Decide to decorate your bedroom? These are no strict rule in bedroom decoration ant that’s why bedroom decoration id always limitless. For those who want to create visual interest in their bedroom, then how about making use the space above your bed? You can use this space and build up floating shelves to make up your room. This also helps you create a string and add visual interest in your room.

Have no ideas where to start? Check this following idea below:

1.  Dusty Pink

How about adding a little zen element in your bedroom? it would make the room far more calming and relaxing. With mounted wood box shelf you can still create a stylish eye calming bedroom.  It’s the perfect chance to create visual interest by making use the subtle design. This visual interest won’t to overwhelming a small room and you can even create a different focal point tuna any ordinary one you can easily find. This one will be perfect option to showcase one or two pieces of your personal touch.

2.  Mini Hanging Shelf

How about an easy DIY shelve with a mini floating shelf? You can craft it by yourself. For additional, you can add potted plants and a framed photo to make up the space above your bed. This earthy tone will help you create a serene and organic feel in your bedroom. for plant lover this ideas would be a great solution for them.

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3.  Monochromatic Bliss

A muted color schemes with clean lines, cozy textures and a wooden accent, with this element nothing, can go wrong. Trust me. You can take a little tip from your bedroom and mix it up with another different shelf. This is a good idea instead of just using one long floating shelf to decorate your bedroom. Two different shelves of two different heights and sizes will make your bedroom arrangement look much dynamic.

4.  Bohemian Charm

An array of organic elements and cozy textures when paired up with a neutral based bedroom, it could create a welcoming place that everybody deserves. You would glad to have one in your home. Wall hangings, greenery and embroidered pillows, when these items arranged well in your bedroom, you can fill your bedroom a lot personality inside it.

Decorative Floating Bedroom Shelves in Zen Look Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 4 Attractive Mini Floating Shelves above the Bed Design Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 4 Beautiful Floating Shelves in Bohemian Bedroom Decoration Creative Tips about Using Shelves above Your Bed Part 4