Creative Way to Makeup Your Bedroom – Rugs Part 2

Welcome to the second article, have you already read up our previous one? Then how about that a break and read the previous article of “Creative Way to make up your bedroom – Rugs” first, before advancing to this article below?

This article also provides you what you need to create a creative decoration using rugs as your decoration tools. Check them out.

1. Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug

Well you might think this kind of out of ordinary right? To use the friendship bracelet as a rug. But well you can create a good and cramming look in your room by using this kind of method. It won’t hurt to try it in your room. Just explore more.

2. Crafty Felt Rug

The truth is it was not made out of hundreds of small felt balls. But with a little hack, you can turn up three little mats into one awesome rug. Wow, that would be amazing right?

3. Geometric Starburst Rug

There is nothing that could be wrong by pairing up Geometry, paint, and a carpet at the same time. By using this kind of rug, you can create an outstanding look in your bedroom. This would be a good option to add splash of color in your bedroom.

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4. Crocheted Alpaca Rug

Just learned how to crochet? Great, it would be the right chance to create something, especially if you are not feeling to curate the scarf. The grab some chunky wool and create your own masterpiece. How about create your own cozy alpaca rug, it will be nice to create it with your very hand right?

5. T-shirt Latch Hook Rug

There also something good by using recycled item, you will also provide some good to mother earth. It will also support your environment by using a repurposed t-shirt. The treasure can still be used to create a comfortable rug.

6. Rope Swirl

This one id the perfect option to create colors in your bedroom. you can use this earthy rug that inspired to create twisted rope rug. You will love the different colors and textures that this rug created.

Cozy Alpaca Rug in Beautiful Master Bedroom Decoration Creative Way to Makeup Your Bedroom   Rugs Part 2 Decorative Bracelet Chevron Rug for Bedroom Interior Creative Way to Makeup Your Bedroom   Rugs Part 2 Decorative Geometric Burst Rug Under Perfect Contemporary Bedroom Creative Way to Makeup Your Bedroom   Rugs Part 2