Creative Way to Makeup Your Bedroom – Using Lighting

When it some into bedroom decoration there are bunch of think to try.  If you want to create a big impact in your bedroom and enhance it to be a better place, then how about playing with the lighting source? The lighting source you choose can give a big impact toward your bedroom atmosphere. You can turn us the whole room into a different place with just using the lighting alone.

Have no idea about what you should do? Then checks these several lighting tips below. This creative lighting source will help you to create the best bedroom at you deserve. Cheat them out.

1. Japanese Box Lamp

This one is actually inspired by famous Asian culture; you might already familiar with traditional Japanese lighting. This kind of box lamp is a good option to give you an oriental look of Asian culture. This simple lighting can help you to create a lovely delicate mood. You might know that your source of lighting can support your mood.

2. Concrete Base Desk Lamp

This one is one of the simple DIY projects that your hand can do. You can create a minimal look with a sturdy lamp. This won’t is a bad idea though. You can just create a unique source of lighting. What’s goes about it is you can create whatever you want to make up your bedroom.

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3. Drop Cloth Lamp

Want a modern design in your bedroom? Actually, you can add such modern vibe in your current bedroom by using drop cloth lamp. This lamp will help you create a modern look that you want.

4. Jute Twinkle Lights

Sing with me, twinkle, twinkle, and little jute! You can add charming look in your lovely bedroom by using jute twinkle light. Hush add them and you can bring in the star inside your bedroom. this would be a perfect chance to create a charming bedroom. Do you like the idea?

5. Golden Lamp

Can you imagine what can be used to create a golden lamp? How about a toilet paper roll? Huh? Yes, actually all you need just toilet paper roll covered in gold paper. And it’s already done.

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