How to Decorate Teenage Bedroom Girl

It can be quite tricky to decorate a teenage girls bedroom, especially because of their ever-changing tastes and preferences. It can be turn out quite expensive if you try to keep it up. There are4 several ways to keep updating the bedroom without spend ton of your money. All you need is to start talking to your teenage girls about what exactly they want and need. Then you have a list of everything that will work for both of you and your teenage girl as well.

Look around your home

To do the decorating project you can use items from your home to update the girl’s bedroom without purchasing new décor piece or even new furniture that might cost a lot of money.  San through your house everything you can use for this project. An unused glassware can be used as  a holder, holding flowers, and you can use it to catch more light by placing it near the window as décor piece. Have unused items such as artwork and mirror? You can use them to update the space.

Rearrange the Furniture

This is the easiest way to transform and updating your room and adding a fresh look. For a grown-up look, you can separate the bunk bed into two, place it side by side for each girl. Playing around with furniture placement such as dressers, desks, and other larger pieces also work well to provide a new look. If you have the space problem, increase the floor space by  you can move dressers into a closet or group the seating to make more space for your girl hang out with their friends.

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Dot forget to make the room drawing before you move any furniture, this could help you save up more time and energy. Move any piece of paper would be less effort than pushing any hard furniture right?

Repurpose Existing Items

Just make use the items that already inside of the bedroom. After your discussion with your girl, you may scan through the room.  Consider which item is no longer needed and how to reuse it again. For example, you can store the winter clothes using flat toys chest, and doubles it as seating by adding cushions on top of the chest.

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