Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 1

1. Make your own headboard

When it comes to your headboard, just don’t go with convention. To help you creating  perfect vintage bedroom your headboard in an essential piece. You can make use of it in order to create the illusion of one using card. You will love the idea.

What you need just add a length of card and fold it in half. This way it will make double the thickness. Then just sketch half the headboard shape you want from edge to centre. This way the middle point is at the fold. Next, just cut it out and unfold, it will reveal the whole symmetrical headboard shape.

Then how about we use it as a template to cut a shape out of a length of wallpaper? Then you might just need to coat the back of the paper shape with spray adhesive. Smooth it up onto the wall behind the bed and it’s done. There will be plenty of style that you can use out there. So, it will be plenty of option is you want to splash out on some new vintage-style bedding.

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2. Create a grown-up vintage bedroom

Lest create a grown-up vintage bedroom design, it will be a perfect vintage bedroom that you desire. French-country scheme with daffodil-yellow floral wallpaper will give you a modern look. It will be better especially when you pair it up with elegant furniture that painted in soft grey. Using a neutral carpet on the floor can tone down the bedroom look. Adding metallic details around the room will help you to keep the scheme easy for your eyes.

3. Create a cottage bedroom

For this perfect vintage bedroom idea, we will need you to dress up the shallow windows. Now just dress up your shallow windows of a country bedroom. You can do it by adding floral-stripe curtains. It will making up a bedcover and cushions match the design well.  Just imagine how well your vintage bedroom design by adding pretty pastel pink on the wall and paired up with the iron bed. It will became a perfect vintage bedroom design right?

Creative DIY Vintage Bedroom Headboard Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 1 Perfect Vintage Bedroom with Iron Bedding Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 1 Stunning Vintage Bedroom with Yellow Floral Wallpaper Ideas Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 1