Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 2

There will be plenty of things that you can try in order to improve your bedroom design. Then how about we turn it into a perfect vintage bedroom? Do you love the idea? Here few tips that you can use.

1. Create a farmhouse-style bedroom

One thing to improve your current bedroom is by creating a farmhouse style bedroom. It’s a perfect way to create a perfect vintage bedroom. You will love to spend your time inside this kind of bedroom. How about choose an antique-style bronze-finish bed? Then you could just dress it up with a French farmhouse feel. Actually you can do it easily   with a fitted ticking sheet and striped pillowcases and throws. Just make sure that you choose in a palette of calming neutral shades.

2. Add ornate storage

Let’s just add ornate storage into your bedroom design, it will help you to create a perfect vintage bedroom in no time. You will love the decorative French-style console table. It can be star of your vintage bedroom, especially after you paint it up.

How about use an old mahogany one in junk shops then? You can paint it white or pale grey. Trying to add some feminine touch? Then you might need to change the handles. The mirrored storage boxes can help you to create a glamour look, or you can try to use picture frames with a floral or decorative motif as well.

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3. Create a classic country bedroom

It’s the time to update your classic country bedroom with a vintage twist, don’t you agree? Why don’t we use this chance to create a perfect vintage bedroom? For the start lets we use the traditional white metal bed as a focal point of the scheme. It can be dressed with a colorful patchwork quilt and layered with cushions.

Looking something better? Then try to mixing it up with retro vintage fabrics. To help you add some sense of fun to the vintage bedroom design, then quirky budgie wallpaper will be a real help. Painted furniture in shades of yellow and blue can be used as well, and then are really take the colorful pattern.

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