Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 3

Do you want to create a vintage bedroom? Here we go:

1. Create a blue bedroom with a modern vintage twist

It’s the right time to combine your painterly floral backdrop with zesty accents, do you aware this kind of combination can help you to add a modern twist? Just imagine how well the modern touch inside a vintage style. You will love this vintage bedroom design.

Then how about we use large-scale floral wallpaper inside your vintage bedroom design? It can be used as a good starting point. All you need just layering it up with plain cushions and throws. Makes sure you choose a same color palette for this one. If you have a white bed linen and furniture, then they can tie the scheme together. Just add a couple of pops of zesty lime for the finishing touch, it can help you in order to add a contemporary fee.

2. Paint your floorboards

Do you want to create a quick, inexpensive start to a shabby chic decorating scheme? Then painting your floorboards in white will do. It will be perfect on your vintage bedroom design.

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When you do it, don’t worry about scuffs this will only add to the worn and vintage feel. Then you could complete the bedroom look by adding a faded rug. Just make sure that you pick the one with traditional pattern and soft, neutral tone and we all okay. You can also use a range of traditional rugs, it won’t blow up your budget plan.

3. Create a bedroom in country creams and faded floral

For this vintage bedroom design, we will try to help you Crete an ultra-feminine look inside you lovely bedroom. It can be done easily by combine classic country creams and faded roses. What you need to do is, keeping the color palette simple. Using parchment-colored walls and cream-painted furniture will help you to do it easily. Now, you just need to dress up the bed. Howe about we use, lace-trimmed pillows and crochet-edged cushions to make it better? You will love how your vintage bedroom design turned into. Happy decorating.

Cool Painted Floorboards in Vintage Bedroom Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 3  Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 3 Nice and Cozy Floral Look at the Vintage Bedroom Decorating a Vintage Bedroom Part 3