Designing a Baby Bedroom

It is important for parents or parent wannabe designing the baby bedroom appropriately, not only thinking about the beauty and the design but mostly the safety, comfort and health. A new baby born will need lots of sunshine and warmth, consider putting a large window to supply their need and to keep the air regulation runs well. Baby bedroom design should meet the need both parents especially Mom and of course the baby him/herself. For years, people dividing some color in which represents the baby gender. Blue and Green color usually used in baby boy room, while pink and yellow is color for the baby girl. Pick some color and theme that really fit to the babies. The following design may help to get an inspirational thought when designing the baby bedroom.

Boys Baby Bedroom Designing a Baby Bedroom

Baby Bedroom Style Designing a Baby Bedroom

Soft Purple Baby Bedroom Designing a Baby Bedroom

Source: Potterybarn kids

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