Dress up Neutral Bedroom Part 1

Thinking about enhancing your bedroom? Creating the best retreat place is what everyone desires. You can also make your dream bedroom come true with the right decoration.

You can still dress up your neutral bedroom without having to go with a big change. Have no idea where to start to decorate? These tips below will help you to accomplish tour mission and create a bedroom that you desire. All you need now just sit comfortably and read this article. Check them out:

Custom Draperies

Ok, let’s just start from the windows. The window just bares with the plain white drapes, then it might need some makeup to add some life into it. Then how about trading out the basic white drapes? You can get panels in fabric for it. Using custom draperies will give your bedroom a sense of personality. Just use the design that fit your own bedroom and also suit your taste well.

Waverly’s Red Parterre Pillow Covers

This one is a perfect option for those who have a husband. Well if you share a home with your husband and flower is actually is not his thing, then all you need just add some color using pillow. This kind of pillow will help you to introduce the pop of color in your bedroom. You will have a contemporary look in your bedroom by using them.

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Decorative Designer Pillow Cover

Some designer will suggest that you should mix patterns that have the same size. You can create a dazzling combination by mixing some throw pillow cover together in one place. Just make sure that you won’t add too many patterns of different size or the room will look too busy. With the right composition in your bed, you will have a pop of color that entertains your eyes when you step in your bedroom.

Sky Blue Lumbar Pillow

Then how about mix and match the size of the pillow together? For example, you can combine large square ones with the bolster pillows. By using this combination in your bedroom, you can create a layered bed look. Sound to be good plan, right? Happy decorating!

Beautiful Bedroom with Custom Layered Draperies Ideas Dress up Neutral Bedroom Part 1 Comfortable Bedroom Decoration with Lumbar Pillows Dress up Neutral Bedroom Part 1 Nice Decorative Bedroom Pillows Cover Ideas Dress up Neutral Bedroom Part 1