Fabric Canopy Bedroom Transformation Ideas

Have ever think about doing some change in your bedroom? If your bedroom is boring then you should do a makeover as soon as possible. It’s necessary to make you feel welcomed and comfortable in your bedroom. You will spend most of your lifetime inside of your bedroom after all. Then a little change is wont to be painful. It’s your personal space after all. All you need to do is make it perfect sand suit your taste.

When decorating a room, there are a bunch of option to try. For example, you can go for the canopy of your bed. A small charge of it can really give a huge impact to the overall of your bedroom design. Trust me, you will love it. How about this bedroom design below?

There no problem even if you don’t have a headboard in your bedroom. You can cover it up by using  fabric with a subtle pattern. Adding the fabric to the wall behind of your bed can enhance your bedding and also create visual interest in your bedroom. this simple overhang canopy can be constructed with just a length of fabric and two curtain rods. Isn’t it won’t take too much effort and waste your energy?

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You’ll Need:

  • Fabric that spans the width of bed and the length of the bed to the ceiling
  • 2 adjustable curtain rods
  • 2 ceiling-mounted curtain hardware brackets
  • 2 wall-mounted curtain hardware brackets
  • Anchors and screws that fit to your ceiling/wall type

For this project, you can use any kind of fabric since everything can work for this project. But if you want a smooth process on this project then you need to consider of using a fabric that looks the same on both sides, it will help you a lot save the trouble of thinking the way to match the pattern. Your favorite fabric is double-sided ? or you want to add some visual contrast on your bed? Then you can do it with a complementary solid fabric, make sure the two pieces are the same size. Now you will need to sew the panels together or use fusible tape to connect your fabric. And to finish it up, sew a channel for the ceiling-mounted curtain. This way you can create the canopy effect and hold the fabric.

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