Fun Bedroom Color Idea

1. Japan Pink

Do you aware that sizzling pink bedroom color is not just exclusive for little girls alone? Well, yes of course it sis right? This Japanese inspired bedroom are actually used pink as a masculine color. This way you could use pink color to represent cherry tree’s pink blossom. It will add a Japanese touch inside your bedroom. Just imagine the Japanese element of a warriors who fell in battle in the prime of their lives. You can improve the room design by combining soft grays. The soft gray here can soften the hot pink accent wall. You could create a balance by putting those two together.

2. Glittering Gray

Well, the gray color can be a cold color especially for a bedroom right? But with the correct adjustment you can say farewell to the cold feel. All you need just pair it up with right accent colors. For example you could use metallic tone blue and sage green. By adding glittering accessories it could make your room stunning and far more relaxing than ever. No kid could resist the temptation from this one.

3. White Ash

For those who want the room to be light and airy, then why don’t go for a white interior escapade? Well if you want a glimpse of heaven now you can have it. All you need just use a white room. The where paint itself already give a glimpse of heaven, pure and very calming look. pale colors or neutrals can also be used in this kind of bedroom. Another hint of colors like pale colors or neutrals will give you a very nice accent.

4. Yellow Retreat

If you are asking for the right shade of yellow that is not-so-sunny but calming the this kind of yellow is what you seek . You could use this yellow tone, it’s the best one when you apply for bedrooms. The color will blend perfectly with the color of the ceiling and the accessories inside your bedroom. Not to forget that yellow color will energize you after a long day activities. Then which one is your color?

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