How to Fun Clean Your Teenager Bedroom

Do you feel your room is not comfortable enough now? Do you feel it kind of messy than before? Maybe it’s the right time to tidy it up. You can follow this step and consider everything is done. Your bed will be spotless in no time. Here the steps.

  1. Put some music

Have you considered to put some upbeat music while cleaning? This kind of music will help you to move faster. But it optional for you. Make sure you select music that helps you focus on your cleaning mission.

  1. Make to do list

It always a good idea to make a checklist. You should make a list of different area in your bedroom. Check them off if you finish tidying it up. You can put an area such as desk, bed, bedside, closet, rug, and window.

  1. Make the bed up

Now it’s time to make your bed look better. For making your messy room better the answer is to making your bed. It will help you feel comfortable when you sleep.

  1. Pick up everything on your floor.

Don’t forget the little mess around your feet. You need to collect the mess and clean up your floor.

  1. Go to closet or your dresser.

Hang your clothes up and fold some of them neatly. Don’t forget to place your shoes neatly at the bottom of your drawer. Why don’t take this opportunity? You could put away your old clothes and organize your closet.

  1. Neat up the shelves.

It best if you neaten your shelves and rearrange your items. Don’t make it to crowded y putting too much item, on it. Six items per shelf is enough.

  1. Tidy up the desk.

Remove and unnecessary paper from your work desk, just have a laptop and the supporting device is enough. It will look more comfortable and more effective than before.

  1. Clear your windowsill

Try to get some polish and wipe it down. You can do this for the dressers or drawers as well.

  1. Sweep and vacuum it

Finish your cleaning duty by sweeping the room and give it a vacuum. Now you’re done.

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