Fun Ideas of Canopy Bedroom

Do you have a canopy bedroom? Do you want to dress it up and make it better this article will help you in order to make your plan come true? We have plenty canopy bedroom design ideas that you can use in your bedroom. These bedroom design ideas can be used as your bedroom design material to build your own canopy bedroom. Now, just fix your seating and read up these tips below:

1. Camping tent bed

Doesn’t why give a fun element into your kid bedroom? You can easily do it by turn your kid room into campground. Do you have any idea how to do it? Actually, all you need just playing with canvas cloth. This is the easiest way to make “tent” in your kid room. Just imagine how this bed will turned out. With this kind of bedroom, your beloved kid will love to spend their time inside their room ever.

Reading Nook

Well, event ought this bedroom is actually intended for to a little girl, bud doing makeshift reading nook can fit for adult too. The whimsical feeling is enough to make you want this kind of bedroom in your own bedroom. It would be a perfect choice especially if you have book collection in your bedroom.

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2. Tiny Tent

As we talking about on the previous tips, you can create a playful bedroom by just adding tent in your kid room. Then how about adding a this tiny tent to one your kid’s rooms? This way you can add a playful spot for your kid. They will love to curl up in this kind of space.

Fairy Light Canopy

Want to create a magical look in your bedroom? Then you can add this magical cocoon around your bed. Make sure that you do it with a gauzy and glittering canopy. It will make your bedroom far better and more charming than ever. All you need just simply hang sheer drapery panels on wire rope. Then hook it to the ceiling and accent with strings of cascading holiday lights. The light will create a magical look in your bedroom.

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